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Tú – original artwork (12000€)

Tú – Original on canvas stretched on wedge frame – 100cm x 100cm. In Tú, you find yourself. The foundation of the artwork consists of 60 portraits of different people from various parts of the world, representing differences in age and social backgrounds. The photographs are digitally layered and then painted on. The collective DNA bank creates your presence within Tú. Completing Tú took 6 months, and 67 of Max’s previous clients and friends were involved in executing the artwork. Once you own an original painting of Max Alm-Norell you are automatically offered a possibility to participate in creating his next artwork. There is always an original artwork available for sale as long as the artwork is still here on the web. If you are interested in knowing more about the art, please send an email to

(This is an original artwork. Once the artwork is paid for, there is no legal right of return.)

In Tú there are 60 taken portraits blended together.
Old, young, rich, poor and all with different backgrounds.
Therefor you will be abele to find yourself in this painting.