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The 9th – Print Artwork

The 9th – giclée/art print. Size 80 cm x 160 cm, with frame. Edition: 7 pcs. Summer price with frame: 32 000 SEK. Special frame or passepartout on demand. Contact us on or at phone number +46 (0)73 – 7850606 if interested. 

About the print:

To be here or not.
Between layers of existence.
A leaf in the right direction. Where I land, there I remain.
Active into the smallest particle. Decaying thoughts that find an end within themselves.
The energy remains and flows onward into another hue.
Play of light, life, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, light blue,
indigo, and violet.
Without time, for it does not exist now.
What do you feel, what do you see, what scent lingers, and why?
Is it a truth you experience in the dimension you now inhabit?
Your somewhat twisted truth, yes. For that is what you can be sure of.
You are your own guru. Even when seeking support.
Then the world rushes by again. Without time, for it does not exist NOW.
Can you find your home?
The ninth.”