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Mira – Original artwork (12000€)

Mira – Original on canvas stretched on wedge frame – 100cm x 100cm. In the artwork Mira, the theme is to see reality for what it is, to not be deceived into blindly following, but instead to discerningly disregard the fog. Mira consists of approximately 50 photographs that evoke a sense of seeing. The foundation is a monk in Cambodia, a wise man who tied threads of blessings around the wrists of everyone who visited the monastery where he had his temporary place on Earth. When you contemplate Mira, do you see a man or a woman? Completing Mira took 6 months, and 4 of Max’s previous clients and friends were involved in executing the artwork. Once you own an original painting of Max Alm-Norell you are automatically offered a possibility to participate in creating his next artwork. There is always an original artwork available for sale as long as the artwork is still here on the web. If you are interested in knowing more about the art, please send an email to

(This is an original artwork. Once the artwork is paid for, there is no legal right of return.)

”To see reality through the lens of truth.

It’s a burden too heavy for any to bear.

So see, dear seeker, with eyes wide open.

Unveil the world, let truth be spoken.”