Magnolia – Original Artwork (12000€)

Magnolia – Original on canvas stretched on wedge frame – 100cm x 100cm. In the artwork Magnolia, it began with my intention to capture the guardians of the forest. However, they did not wish to be captured. Therefore, it became a divergence into the whims of nature. Approximately 30 photographs form the foundation of Magnolia. Completing Magnolia took 8 months, and 14 of Max’s previous clients and friends were involved in executing the artwork. Once you own an original painting of Max Alm-Norell you are automatically offered a possibility to participate in creating his next artwork. There is always an original artwork available for sale as long as the artwork is still here on the web. If you are interested in knowing more about the art, please send an email to

(This is an original artwork. Once the artwork is paid for, there is no legal right of return.)

”The spirit of the forest walks with you, in every step you take.

It whispers through the leaves, a presence you can’t forsake.

In the depths of the woods, where shadows dance and play.

The spirit of the trees, guides you along the way.”