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Max Alm-Norell

With over 80 successful exhibitions under his belt, Max Alm-Norell is a seasoned Scandinavian artist. He focuses on the colourful and mysterious nature of art, aiming to make people reflect upon what is important in life through artwork that sparkles and radiates colour, texture, and symbolism. Max’s art is well known to awaken feelings when hidden narratives emerge as illusions in his explosions of colour, an effect which has become his trademark.

Max Alm-Norell has a background as a world wide photographer and has published and been referenced in numerous well known magazines, amongst others, Italian Vogue, House Magazine, Residence, Filter, Plaza and Boneo Magazine. Both his paintings and photographs are acclaimed in all major newspapers in Scandinavia.

In his artwork, Max Alm-Norell uses an innovative technique where he combines several photographs in the same image, conveying stories and opening windows to what it means to be a human being. He creates narratives that through their surge of colour and illusive imagery, like magnetism, urges the individual to find their own inner wisdom and dreams.